Stickers and Installation

We manufacture stickers and labels for any surface possible. Should you need it, we can design the stickers and then perform the installation works. Depending on the needs, we can produce the stickers on either a see-through or a white background, and make them 1 cm wide or 15 meters long. No job too small.

We can give the stickers the exact shape required by your product. Our machinery ensures the cutting of even the smallest and the most complex shapes.


You can choose between the following manufacturing solutions:

  • Digital printing. Materials: vinyl, paper, polyester.
  • Silk printing. A wide selection of materials and applications (from interior spaces to boat noses).
  • Plotter cutting. Suitable for colourful stickers with a more complex shape.
  • Thermal-silk printing. Suitable for product labels, tickets and shelving labels.
  • Special solutions. Please let us know, if you need e.g. Custom-shaped security or board sticker etc.


We manufacture stickers for the following surfaces:

  • Display windows
  • Cars and vehicles
  • Floors and walls
  • Product packages
  • Special surfaces